Trade In for Partial Refund

gpuShack offers Partial Refunds on GPU Purchases if the purchase is accompanied with a Trade-In. This service is offered as a convenience for customers who prefer a hassle-free way to sell their old GPUs.

November 2016 Pricing

Refund amounts may change monthly. All GPUs received at gpuShack's warehouse during the above month are guaranteed the below pricing.

Special Pricing Partial Refund Amount
HD 7950 $70
HD 7970 $90
R9 280 $100
R9 280X $120
R9 290 $160
R9 290X $170


Regular Pricing Partial Refund Amount
GTX 750 Ti $40
GTX 660 $45
GTX 660 Ti $50
GTX 670 $60
GTX 760 $65
GTX 770 $90
GTX 960 $95
GTX 970 $160
HD 7850 $40
HD 7870 $45
R9 270 $50
R9 270X $60
Other Models email



  1. Purchase a GPU with promo code TRADEIN for $5 off. 
  2. gpuShack will ship your purchased GPU and will email a prepaid return label.
  3. Pack the Trade-In (see packaging policy below).
  4. Cut off and place the packing slip inside the package.
  5. Affix the gpuShack return shipping label to the package.
  6. Ship your Trade-In to gpuShack within 15 days. Upon receipt, gpuShack will issue a partial refund of your order.


Packaging Policy for Customers

Trade-In must be packaged well. Pack your Trade-In into a box with tightly packed packing material on all sides (crumbled paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, styrofoam, etc). Make sure to cover all existing packaging labels on the shipping box. Do not use "air pack" pouches as these have a tendency to burst during shipment. 


Trade-In Policy

  • USA Customers Only.
  • A GPU purchase is required for trade-in.
  • Only the TRADEIN promo code may be used with trade-in.
  • The TRADEIN promo code does not stack with any other promo codes.
  • If not trading in, do not use the TRADEIN promo code.
  • Customers can trade-in more than one eligible GPU in the same shipment.


Quality Policy


  • Packing Damage: damage sustained during shipment due to inadequate packaging
  • DOA: no signal
  • does not pass benchmark stress tests: crashes system
  • broken fan: stuttering, non-perfect spin, missing fan blades, fan noise
  • modified bios: incorrect voltage table
  • artifacting


  • Packaging: Packaged well with no jostling.
  • BIOS: Checked, valid, not bricked. Original Bios.
  • Anti-static bag: GPU placed in anti-static bag.
  • Clean Shroud: Clean GPU shroud with no dust.
  • Clean Heatsink: Clean GPU heatsink with no dust.
  • Fan Spin Test: Fan spins freely if spun with finger and tested in system, no stuttering or noise. Indistinguishable from a new fan.