Bitcoin Payments

gpuShack accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment. The Bitcoin payment option is available during checkout, after entering your shipping address.

Unlike traditional payment methods, Bitcoin requires the customer to pay the transaction fee instead of the merchant. Due to the increase in popularity of Bitcoin as a payment method, the fee to use it has increased. Therefore, we must ask the Bitcoin Mining groups to reduce the fee, so that more people can use Bitcoin.

Here is the email contact information of some of the biggest Bitcoin Mining groups:


Here is a sample email that you can send to the Bitcoin Mining groups. Please feel free to customize the email, but please keep it in Simple English so that the Bitcoin Mining groups can translate it into their languages more easily.

Bitcoin Mining groups,

I am unable to complete a payment with Bitcoin because I will not pay a fee bigger than 10 satoshi/byte (currently $0.03 USD per payment).

In place of Bitcoin, I have decided to use another provider (Paypal and Credit Card) and I am unhappy because you lost mining income.

Because of this problem, I would like that you signal for Bitcoin Unlimited. Bitcoin Unlimited will allow me to use Bitcoin much more often because of the reduced fee.


A Bitcoin User.


Uncensored Bitcoin IRC channel: #bitcoinchat on

IRC on your IRC Client:

  • Channel: #bitcoinchat
  • Server:
  • Port: 6667

IRC in your Browser:

  1. On your regular PC or computer, visit
  2. Enter a nickname for yourself.
  3. Do not change the "channels" field.
  4. Do not checkmark "auth to services".
  5. Checkmark "i'm not a robot".
  6. Click connect and wait up to 15 seconds to connect to the IRC channel.