ethOS Distribution

ethOS Distribution

ethOS is sold exclusively through via a licensing agreement with our contractor, Dale Chapman, who is the lead developer of the ethOS operating system.

ethOS licensed on with proper SPF signatures for this domain.

Please see below for a copy of our license agreement.

ethOS is copyrighted United States Common Law Copyright detailed at

# Version 1.2 (c) 2016-2017 Dale Chapman, (“Author”).
# By using this file, you agree to the following:
# This file has been licensed to gpuShack for the exclusive use and distribution as part of ethOS. All other previous licenses 
# of this file have been revoked. This license does not expire and allows for any modification, distribution, and/or derivative work 
# by gpuShack and by the Author. This license extends to gpuShack’s owners, operators, officers, and contractors, where 
# applicable.
# The Author expressly forbids and revokes usage of this file, as well as any previous iterations of this file, in any 
# operating system other than ethOS. Any fork of ethOS, third party or otherwise, may not use this file without express written 
# permission from the Author.
# Personal Use
# End users may modify and use this script for personal use, but may not redistribute or include in a larger work, in whole, or
# in part, without express written permission from the Author.