PSU Guide

PCMasterRace PSU Ranking and Tiers (2015)

Tier 1 (Best)

The highest quality and most stable PSUs available on the hardware market today. Highly recommended for any situation. These PSUs are what all PSUs should strive to be. These are the only PSUs that should be called “Top of the Line"

  • Antec High Current Pro
  • Antec High Current Platinum series
  • Be Quiet Dark power pro P10
  • Corsair AX MK1 / AX MK2 / AXi series / AX MK3 plat+
  • Cooler Master V series / V series
  • EVGA Supernova G2 and P2
  • Firepower Silencer MK3 and Aurum PT 1200w
  • Kingwin Absolute Platinum 550w andLazer platinum
  • LEPA G1600
  • Seasonic M12 II (Includes EVO series)
  • Silverstone Nightjar Platinum
  • Super Flower Golden King ,Golden Silent
  • Super Flower Leadex Gold+
  • XFX Pro series Black Edition/ XXX/ XTS

Tier 2a (Good)

Excellent quality units. For people who have a limited budget, but still want one of the best PSUs on the market. Great for overclocking and 24/7/365 systems. Perfect for some of the most power hungry systems.

  • Antec EDGE, Earthwatts, High Current Gamer, Truepower Classic Cooler Master VS series
  • Be Quiet Power zone series, Straight power E9 and E10 Corsair GS, HX / HX v2 series, RM, TX / TXM series Enermax Platimax series (1250 Watts and below) EVGA Supernova B2 series
  • Firepower Silencer MK III 400 - 850, ZX series High Power / Sirtec Astro GD 1200w, Lepa G500 NZXT Hale82 Modular (650 and 750 Watt models)
  • Rosewill Capstone, Lightning, Silent Night, Tachyon series Seasonic G / GV2, M12-II EVO, S / M12 II, 512G Silverpower SP 460w
  • Silverstone SX600-G SFX,
  • Strider Gold Evolution series, Strider Plus
  • Super Flower Golden Green / Modular / HX series Sentey Golden Steel Power 850 Watts
  • Thermaltake Toughpower Gold, DPS Gold series
  • XFX Core series / Pro series, TS Series 430w / 550w-SEW, XTR series

Tier 2b (Decent)

Lower life span or slightly lower power output than rated. These are still great units, all of which are still within standard ATX specifications. These are suitable for light overclocking.

  • Azza Platinum 750w 1000w
  • Antec Basiq series, VP series 350, 450
  • Be Quiet SFX Power 2, TFX Power 2
  • Enermax NaXn 82+ (550 to 750 Watts)
  • EVGA Supernova NEXB / NEXG 750 Watts
  • Firepower Fatality 2012 1000w Gold, ZT series
  • Fractal Design Integra M series, Newton R3 Series
  • FSP Aurum Gold, Aurum Xilencer
  • Kingwin Lazer gold series, Lepa B650 / B850
  • NZXT Hale 82 series, Hale 90 Vi / V2 series
  • Rosewill Fortress Series
  • Silverstone Strider Gold / Gold S / Plus
  • Thermaltake Toughpower 1200M+, XT 775M
  • Zalman ZM-HP 850w / 1000w

Tier 3 (Acceptable)

Meets standard ATX specifications, though closer to the edges than Tier two units. These are still solid units, which still supply stable power to your system. Not ideal for overclocking. These are essentially good for tight budget builds. In truth should opt for a higher Tier if you can afford it. These are the "Good Enough" PSUs.

  • Be Quiet Dark power pro, Pure power L8 / CM seriesStraight power E9 400 Watts
  • Bitfenix Fury 750w
  • Cooler master Elite II 550w, G550M, GX II 550 / 750 Watts, i Series 700 Watts
  • Cooler master Silent pro M2, Gold, Platinum series
  • Corsair CS, CX, CXM, RM, VS series
  • Deepcool Quanta series 750w 1000w 1200w
  • Enermax naXn ADV, Revolution X't, Triathlor / Triathlor FC series
  • EVGA 500B / 600B, Supernova 750 Watts Bi / Gi, Supernova Classified 1500W
  • FSP Aurum 92+ 650M, Aurum S 700w
  • Fractal Design Integra R2 650 / 750 Watts, Tesla R2
  • InWin Commander III, GreenMe series
  • Kingwin Powerforce 850w, Lepa G900
  • Rosewill Hercules 1600W, Hive series
  • Silverstone Strider Essential 400w 500w 600w
  • Thermaltake Litepower series, London 550w
  • Xilence Performance A series
  • Zalman GS / GT Series

Tier 4 (Bad)

Not for Gaming or Heavy use. May not output labeled power and fails standard ATX specifications slightly. Often cheap components are used to meet a super cheap price. Reliability and quality are poor.

  • Aerocool GT Series, Integrator, Strike-X series, Templarius series E-power Fatality 2013, FSP Raider series
  • E-power InWin Glacier , LC power, MX-F1 series
  • NZXT Hale82N 650w, Hale82 V2 700w
  • Thermaltake Smart series
  • Zalman US Fanless 400w

Tier 5 (Worst)

Replace immediately! These units are NOT recommended for any system, no matter the purpose. They're faulty and may even be a safety hazard. Reference to higher tiered models for a better and potentially money-saving unit. This is the kind of stuff you would find on a Chinese street market held together with hot glue. To be clear, Some brands on this list make other great products but their PSUs are abominations.

  • A-TOP technology Apevia
  • Apex
  • Artic / Ace
  • Aspire
  • Broadway Com Corp CIT
  • Coolmax
  • Deer
  • Diablotek
  • Dynapower
  • Dynex
  • Eagletech
  • Enlight
  • Evo labs
  • EZ-cool
  • Foxconn
  • G7
  • HEC / Compucase Orion
  • HEDY
  • iStar computer co.
  • Jeantec
  • JPac
  • Just PC
  • Linkworld electronics
  • Logisys computer
  • Macron
  • MSi
  • Norwood Micro/ CompUSA
  • Okia
  • Powercool Powmax
  • Pulsepower Q-tec
  • Raidmax Rocketfish SFC
  • Sharkoon Shuttle
  • Skyhawk Startech
  • Storm
  • Sumvision Tesla
  • Thermaltake BronzeMunich 430w
  • Thermaltake Purepower NP / RU
  • Thermaltake TR2 and TR2-RX Trust
  • Wintech
  • Winpower
  • xTreme (Cyberpower PSUs)
  • Youngbear
  • Zebronics

credit to dottorrent, /u/Teckademics, and /u/dundizzle