HD 7950 vs R9 270X. Which is more powerful?

Posted by Alexander Levin on

If value is your biggest concern when deciding which GPU to buy, you might be pleasantly surprised to know that the better priced AMD HD 7950 is more powerful than the more expensive R9 270X.

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  • I bought the 7950 today after seeing the difference. Saves me $25 upfront (and weeks of aggravation) not having deal with a mail-in rebate, and with a two-year warranty included, really closes the deal.

    Eddie on
  • Good to know! Also, here is a suggestion to increase the value of the site:

    What if people could sell their used graphics cards back? A price would be agreed upon before, and the seller would pay shipping and put in a 20$ deposit. If the card is received and works well, the seller would get their deposit back, and the agreed money. If not, the deposit would be used to ship the card back. Easy way to increase inventory!

    Ryan on
  • That’s consistently true with video cards — a high-end card from an older generation typically outperforms a middle-end from the latest generation, and usually for less money if you find a good deal on a used or refurbished one.

    Desiree Arceneaux on

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