PSU Paper Clip Test

Posted by Alexander Levin on

This test will verify that your PSU is working outside of your system. If the PSU powers on, the issue you experience may be related to your system and/or configuration.
Please use a known working power outlet for this test (you can test to make sure the outlet works, with a small lamp or similar item).

Since some PSU cables are all-black, it is difficult to tell which pins to bridge. Please make careful note of the position of the plastic snapping tab in this picture, and align your cable the same was as shown below. You must bridge the yellow and green pins.


If the PSU works as expected and the case fan starts spinning, the issue is likely related to your other system components, such as an electrical short, incorrectly plugged in case button, or other broken component.

If you notice that the sense pin (the pin marked in green above), or the ground (the pin marked in yellow) are too far open, you can close them with a small tool such a small screwdriver, pin, or blade. If they are too far open, the pins will not make contact with the motherboard atx connector, preventing a successful boot.

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