By buying from gpuShack, you agree to the below policies and procedures.

gpuShack Warranty Agreement

gpuShack offers a transferrable, non-extendable warranty, starting from the purchase date, to the holder of the original proof of purchase. The gpuShack Warranty does not modify or extend any existing manufacturer warranty. 

All graphics cards ("GPUs") are covered for two years for: video display problems, artifacting, crashing, coil whine, and/or broken fans. 

All power supplies ("PSUs") are covered for two years for: no power, immediate shutdown, sporadic shutdown, broken fans, coil whine, and/or inability to deliver at least 90% of advertised power.

All products listed under the "Large Scale Deployment" are covered for six months for: inability to boot, RAM errors, faulty PCI-E slots, and/or crashing.

The following reasons are not covered: change of mind, impulse purchase, found better price, case fit issues, intentional or accidental damage occurring after shipment, shipping delays, compatibility issues, and/or failure to follow troubleshooting steps.

If any product purchased from gpuShack experiences any of the covered reasons within the covered period of time, gpuShack will replace it with an equal or greater model. For USA addresses and territories, gpuShack will provide a prepaid return shipping label as described in the Replacement Procedure detailed below. International customers must purchase their own return shipping.

Returned products must meet the below criteria.

  • Must be purchased from gpuShack.
  • Must have all existing serial number stickers and labels without any removal or modification.
  • Must be packaged well with adequate packing material on all sides.
  • Must have been used exclusively for home or office use, such as for gaming, rendering, common desktop usage, and not have been used in any commercial environment deployment and/or for any commercial use.
  • Must have no physical damage arising from mis-use such as dropping or striking, or intentional destruction.
  • Must have stock BIOS with no voltage modification.

Returning a product that does not meet the above criteria will result in a replacement rejection.

Returned products must be troubleshooted according to the below procedure.

gpuShack Warranty Replacement Procedure

  • Send an email to with RMA: #ORDER_NUMBER  in the subject line. An example RMA subject line would be: "RMA: #1234".
  • In the email body, include the following: 
    1. description of the problem
    2. troubleshooting steps done
    3. PC build specs, including PSU and Monitor
    4. games attempted to play, if applicable
    5. serial number (sticker on back of product, usually longest number and/or labeled "S/N")
    6. product make/model (manufacturer name, product line and product number)
  • Allow for 24-48 hours RMA approval. Further instructions will be sent via email.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

To cancel an order, send an email to with your order number. After you send the email, proceed to return the product back to the Return Address (available on your original shipping label), in accordance with the gpuShack Warranty Agreement.

Cancelled before shipment 100% refund
Cancelled within 7 days of delivery 80% refund, customer pays return shipping
Cancelled within 30 days of delivery 80% store credit, customer pays return shipping
Cancelled after 30 days of delivery Return not accepted


Cancellations are processed within 24-48 hours of delivery of the products to gpuShack's warehouse.