Frequent Questions

1. Do you ship to my country?

See "International Shipping and Freight Forwarding Addresses" in the gpuShack Shipping Policy. If your country is not listed on the Country drop-down menu during checkout, then gpuShack cannot ship to you directly. Instead, you must use a USA-based freight forwarder.

2. I live in Canada, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, or Cuba. Can I shop at gpuShack?

No. As a USA company, gpuShack is prohibited from doing business with any sanctioned/embargoed country.

In the case of Canada, gpuShack does not have the resources to serve the Canadian Market.

No customer service will be offered or provided to any persons currently residing in the above list of countries.

3. Can you answer an ethOS or mining question?

gpuShack does not provide consulting services for mining. If you have a mining related question, use Google.
If you have an ethOS related question, see the ethOS Front Page, ethOS Knowledge Base.
ethOS and general mining support is provided in real time via the ethOS IRC support channel (not via email). To join this channel, read the ethOS Support Policy.

4. Do gpuShack bundles support NVIDIA GPUs?

YES. NVIDIA is supported. The bundles sold on gpuShack support both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. 

5. What motherboard (or any other component) is in the bundle?

Each bundle is guaranteed to support the amount of GPUs indicated on the product sales page. gpuShack sources components in bulk.

As a matter of policy, gpuShack cannot disclose, predict, or guarantee any specific component (via email, or otherwise). If you need to specific individual components, it is recommended to purchase them individually from another vendor.

If you purchase more than one bundle in a single order, you will receive the same make/model components for your that order.

6. Can you provide any discounts for hardware?

Due to limited supply and high demand, gpuShack cannot offer any discounts for hardware, regardless of order quantity. The current prices should be considered the current best price for all customers.

7. When will my order ship?

Your order will ship during the next business shipping day after you placed your order. You will get an automated email with your tracking number as soon as it ships.

8. Why hasn't my order shipped yet?

Your order may have shipped, but the tracking did not update. Wait another 24 hours for your tracking information to be emailed to you.
Your order may have a shipping date in the future (per the checkout process, and your receipt). It will ship on or before that date.

9. Something that I purchased from gpuShack doesn't work, can you assist?

If you need assistance with ethOS software, see the ethOS Knowledge Base and the ethOS Support Policy
ethOS and general mining support is provided in real time via the ethOS IRC support channel (not via email). To join this channel, read the ethOS Support Policy.
If you need assistance with hardware, do troubleshooting to isolate the specific faulty component, and follow relevant guides in the ethOS Knowledge Base
If, after testing, the component appears to be faulty, submit an RMA for that component according to the "gpuShack Warranty Replacement Procedure" in the gpuShack Warranty Agreement.

10. How do I cancel my order for a refund instead of a replacement?

See the "Refund and Cancellation Policy" in the gpuShack Warranty Agreement and proceed with that guide to cancel your order for a refund.

11. I bought ethOS, but I don't have my download instructions. How do I get them?

During checkout, it is important to use an email address that is known to be working.
The ethOS download link, authentication token, and the download username/password are emailed immediately after purchase. After completing checkout, search your emails for "gpushack", and make sure to check your junk or spam folder.
If you can't find the email, log in to your gpuShack account. Your token will be visible in your account. To download ethOS, click on the order number associated with your ethOS purchase. Your ethOS download link and download username/password will be visible under your order number.
If you don't remember the email address that you might have used, try other email addresses that you own. If you cannot get access to your account, repurchase ethOS, and use an email address that is known to be working. Per the ethOS license agreement, you must purchase one license per rig for each rig on which you plan to run ethOS. Purchasing spare licenses will increase your total license count.

12. I paid with Digital Currency, but my order is not processed. What do I do?

Contact and include as much information as possible:
  • Digital Currency used to make payment
  • Payment processor code
  • Wallet address to which you sent payment
  • the Transaction ID
  • your name
  • your email address
  • your shipping address

12. How do I get an invoice for my order?

After placing your order, check your email inbox for your order confirmation email. Inside that email, click the "download pro-forma invoice" link. gpuShack cannot customize the pro-forma invoice in any way. If you require any changes, please use the invoice's information to draft one that suits your preferences.

13. How do I contact gpuShack?

If your question is not answered here, contact